We’ve been talking a lot about how co-creation can accelerate your brand’s recovery campaign — and how this transformative, collaborative methodology delivers incredible results (read about that here). But what exactly does a BOUNCEBACK Co-Create by SHARP involve? Here are 5 key principles…

1. No two BOUNCEBACK Co-Creates are the same

Every brief is different and so is every co-creation workshop. We have a suite of tools that we can draw on to create a bespoke workshop, all aimed at pulling out specific insights or ideas around a brief. From co-creating a kids’ club with toddlers for Best Western Hotels to co-creating a big gaming app launch in Berlin for a Chinese game company, the projects this works for are as varied as the challenges businesses face today.

And it can all be achieved remotely — online, keeping to social distancing guidelines.

Using a fusion of technologies, we can bring your audience ‘into the IDEAS room’ in an innovative, virtual, co-creative way. Online teams working together on structured tasks which directly address the burning business questions. We bring 10 years of SHARP expertise as pioneers of idea co-creation, proven to deliver results.

2. Recruiting diversity

The beauty of co-creation is that it gets to the heart of the audience you want to engage. So recruiting the right people is crucial.

Sometimes we’ll look for age groups or other demographics. Other times we’re after a mindset. Whether that’s customers who distrust credit card companies, consumers who use apps to manage their utilities, internal colleagues from a specific team, 50-somethings who are dissatisfied with high street fashion choices, whoever best fits our aim and brief.

3. Playfulness and rigour

Everyone is inherently creative. And there’s no such thing as a bad idea. But not everybody thinks of themselves as ‘creative’. So we start by creating a space that is inclusive and inspired. Getting a group to warm up their brains and have fun before moving on to the brief in hand is important, because that’s where the magic happens.

Creativity can also happen where you least expect it. We seem to bring the literal and lateral thinkers out of themselves — and nurture artistic talent people never knew they had. As we said, every Co-Create is different.

Diverse minds, diverse ideas. That’s the beauty of it.

4. Vote for the best idea

We all love a vote, don’t we! The end point of our Co-Creates isn’t just to engage audiences on idea generation, but to get their opinions on the ideas themselves; and filter the favourite, workable ones to the top.

So every Co-Create ends with some kind of vote. For the best poster, most inspired idea, favourite headline… or something else. The results come into their own at the next stage.

5. Blueprints for the strategy

Co-creation produces unique ideas and directions of travel, straight from the heads and hearts of customers or audiences. It’s the job of strategists and creative teams to develop these ideas into campaigns, propositions, concepts, even movements that will ring true and have a real impact. But keeping the seed of that idea that an audience generated central in the development process… this is how we ensure we develop something spectacular.

So that’s our 5 principles — with infinite possibilities. See for yourself how invaluable co-creation can be for your own post-COVID bounce back campaign.

Where could a BOUNCEBACK Co-Create by SHARP take your brand?

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We build brands that have a purpose. Empowering success with co-creation.

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The SHARP Agency

The SHARP Agency

We build brands that have a purpose. Empowering success with co-creation.

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