The SHARP Agency — SHARP’s Christmas Mission

It all started with a brew.

Over a (decaffeinated) cuppa, Creative Director and partner, Richard Sharp mulled the sad rise in Homeless people on and off the street in Huddersfield over recent times. It gave him an idea…

This year SHARP is shelving the traditional agency Christmas card in favour of something better. Covering the Mission’s food and drink bill for a week in December. Many other local businesses alongside HTAFC and the Huddersfield Examiner are doing the same. Not to mention all the kind-hearted individuals who give their time and money.

One in every 1,665 people in Kirklees are homeless.

Source: Housing charity, Shelter 25/11/2018.

Huddersfield Mission is doing a great job. Literally a lifeline. Not just for the 265 people that need advice, a friendly ear and ongoing support today. Tomorrow brings a fresh set of problems and tragic circumstances.

Whether the conversation is about mental health, addiction, homelessness or other hardships, their doors are always open — for a chat and a brew.

And sometimes that’s all it takes to start making a difference.

But the Mission is a charity and needs help of its own. Donations of clothes and blankets. Food. Teabags. Money.

So by not receiving a card from us, you’re helping put a freshly cooked meal and a hot brew inside someone who really needs it.

We’ll carry on supporting the Mission throughout 2019, bolstered by all the SHARPies who have charitable plans up their Christmas jumper sleeves. Oh and these teapots and a big bag of CreativiTEA will come in handy.

Thank you all.

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